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Friday, 9 August 2013

Why the Final Mile is Still a Service Issue

The shopping experience needs to work for those of us who hate shopping but want new things, and those who enjoy the actual experience of browsing and deciding.

Buying something you want or need has two distinct points of gratification: The first point is the selection of an item and a good experience at the till or at the pay point of internet shopping. The second point is the unwrapping of the product when you get home if you have visited a store, or the arrival of the courier.

So..Why is this second stage, the "final mile", as good as ignored by CEOs who have an internet sales channel?

Not too long ago I attended a seminar which had, as their guest speaker, an esteemed and well respected Group E Commerce Director. He talked about segmentation, penetration, look and feel as well as all the social media and blogs. All very interesting and relevant. But when I said I’ve given up shopping with his group of brands  because the courier can never find me and I never receive my eagerly anticipated purchase, imagine my surprise when with a dismissive wave of his arm he says “that’s down to the courier”! No it’s not! The shopping experience has to be managed end to end by the retailer. I don’t choose the courier – they do!

Whilst this attitude remains, these retailers will continue to lose people like me as customers to their rivals who include delivery as part of their responsibility.

Written by Erica Vilkauls:

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  1. A recent survey conducted by Vista retail support suggest that UK businesses are losing up to £12 billion a year through poor customer service. This makes the response Erica received even more extraordinary. It must be obvious that providing excellent customer service is essential to customer retention and should therefore by an essential strategic priority.