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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

We Have Lift Off!

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the final flights of Concorde the new venture I have been working on (and mentioned in a previous blog) goes live after 6-weeks of planning and design work.

Although the original idea was to go-live with our new venture in October to coincide with the final commercial flight of Concorde on the 24th of that month my colleague and I took the decision to advertise in the October edition of Surrey life which, it turns out, is first published on the 24th September. Panic!

The iconic plane, which halved the flight time to New York making it possible to commute for the day, cost passengers £9,000 a ticket, reached 1,350 miles per hour (twice the speed of sound) and flew 60,000 feet over the Atlantic.

On the occasion of its final flight British Airways Chief Rod Eddington said there was a mixture of "sadness and celebration" about its retirement. Actress Joan Collins, who flew on Concorde 10 times and was on board the final flight, expressed the sentiments of the 2.5 million passengers to have flown supersonically on the aircraft, when she described the end of the era as "tragic".

Leaning heavily on the goodwill of our website designer Sara from Creative Remedy we put the finishing touches to our design so that we can test the link with Paypal. We have also had to quickly pull together the advert for Surrey Life and have accepted an invitation to a gala event on the 24th October with the Save Concorde Group.

Fingers crossed that our planning system known by the acronym of SWAG (Scientific Wild-Ass Guessing) won't be too wide of the mark and that the supply chain we have put in place works successfully and can keep up with demand.

Take a look at the outcome of all our hard work on:

Written by Jane Fransen-Hale: JEM Retail Consultants.

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